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Founded in 1979, the CRESSENT Company, a member of the HUWER group, has gained a solid reputation in the boiler-making world.


Welding robot

Specializing mainly in the production of tanks of all sizes, along with their accessories, the CRESSENT Co. has recently installed new ultra-sophisticated, up-to-the-minute technological equipment enabling it to take on a wide range of large or small-scale boiler-making work.

The installation of a digital control, four roller, hydraulic former means that sheet metal of up to 4000 mm width can be shaped in order to produce cones or tubes of a large diameter.

Thanks to its investment policy, the CRESSENT Co. has also acquired two six-axial welding robots with read-record and weld check facilities.

The quality of the welding work remains the principle aim of thiss acquisition as well as the elimination of waste and touch-up work.

This hi-tec equipment can be used with such flexibility that the CRESSENT Co. is constantly able to adapt itself to the market's need.